November 30, 2010


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Brady could sell ice cubes to Eskimos...and he's well aware of the ribbing he'll get, but he doesn't care. Women love a confident man. The Pyle Bros have no charisma; stop with the Manning commercials, already!!!

This is Jared

I have never seen Tom Brady in boots like these before. But hey, he could maybe wear these boots if he ever decides to play for the UGG Australia Team. And I am not sure if the UGG Australia Team is a football teram or not. But he would be the best choice at this present time for a quaterback if the UGG Australia Team had to pick a quaterback for their team, period. And he might help increase the sales of the UGG Brand by wearing the boots. It is a good way to advertise the boots i think is by having him wear them. And by advertising is a good way to produce some sales for a company. And the Pats - Jets game coming up I am looking forward to and Belichick does not lose two games in a row to the same opponent too often and I am confident that the Pats do have a chance to pull off the victory.

no one says a word about the ugly guys selling oreos, cereal, and gatorade. But just let the good looking guy promote a line of menswear and oops he's a sell out. What about the fact he may be thinking beyond football. He's probably looking to promote something better than grecian formula and wranglers. i say good for him. He looks great and he should be proud to wear clothes he loves.

Look the guy is gorgeous. he looks great off the field too. and he isn't covorting with a cookie.

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